Frequently asked questions

What is Powerchair Football?
  • Powerchair Football is a variation of Association Football (often referred to as soccer) played by two teams of four players, all of whom use electric wheelchairs modified with large bullbars. Matches last for two periods of 20 minutes, with a short interval for half time, and is played on an indoor court which is slightly larger than a basketball court..

Where does QPFA play Powerchair Football?
  • At present, the QPFA hosts Powerchair Football match days on level 5 of the Lang Park PCYC, which is located at the Northern end of Suncorp Stadium. Parking is available for smaller wheelchair vans underneath the venue, accessible from Castlemaine Street. Larger vans can generally park near the statues outside Suncorp Stadium, accessible from Caxton Street.

How often does QPFA play Powerchair Football?
  • During our season, we hold competitive rounds on most Saturdays. Our full upcoming schedule can be seen on our website [here] as well as on our [Facebook page]. We also host some social and training days to allow for players to enjoy the game and to try new things without the pressure of competition. Gamedays kickoff at 12pm and run until about 4pm. Make sure to arrive before 12 to allow time to set up in the chair.

What do I need to play Powerchair Football?
  • You will need a wheelchair modified with a bumper and one which can take some contact. In general, this means you will need to acquire a [Strikeforce wheelchair], which can be imported from the US using the NDIS if your goals are suitable to do so. We are very happy to assist in the process and guide you in the right direction. We also have loan chairs available for use for players who are yet to get their Strikeforce. It is possible to modify a chair you already have to play, so long as it meets the [technical regulations]. For safety reasons, you cannot play in a day chair, or a push chair.

What are the rules of Powerchair Football?
  • Powerchair Football uses the [FIPFA Laws of the Game]. In general, the rules are the same as in Association Football (soccer), except that the offside rule is replaced by the 2-on-1 rule. That rule stops teams from having more than 1 player within 3 metres of the ball, provided that an opposing player is also in that range. Goalkeepers within their defensive box are not affected by the 2-on-1 rule. Defensive teams may not have 3 players within their defensive box. Contact is limited to the front section of the chair, and players may not ram or spin into other players, nor may they start to spin in a dangerous situation.

What is the competition structure of the QPFA?
  • Currently, we have 4 clubs who compete across a series of weeks in the league phase, which then determines the seedings for our finals day at the end of the season. Currently those 4 clubs are [Brisbane Strikers], [Brisbane City], [Lions PFC], and [Moreton City Excelsior] (formerly Moreton Bay Jets).

How do I join the QPFA?
  • Get in touch with us [here]. We will help you with the membership process as well as acquiring your first chair. Once in a chair, we will give you some training runs (generally at the beginning of match days) before assigning you to a club.

I don’t have a disability, can I still get involved?
  • Whilst you may not be able to play, we welcome everyone who wants to get involved. We are always looking for volunteers, referees, coaches, and other supporters. Get in touch with us and we will find a way for you to be a part of the action.

I missed the last match day, what happened?
  • No worries! In the days after each round we post the video of each match to our [YouTube] channel.