We are the 2017 National Champions!

Queensland have fought from two goals down to defeat New South Wales 5-3 in the grand final of the Australian National Championships in Sydney, securing the Cyclones their consecutive championship title.

Finding themselves 3-1 down with 7 minutes to play, the Cyclones put together a masterclass in control and possession, with Australian representative Josh Merkas netting two quick goals to force the game into extra-time.

From there, the Cyclones had all the momentum, scoring two goals in extra-time to clinch the title against a formidable NSW side, in one of Australia’s greatest displays of powerchair football.

Bryce Castles, Jack Gillespie, Josh Merkas, and Tristram Peters were also selected to represent Australia in a three-test series against New Zealand for the Ditch Cup, which Australia won 3-0.

A big congratulations to the Queensland team (Tom Dickson, Bryce Castles, Jack Gillespie, Tom Latcham, Josh Merkas and Tristram Peters), coached by John Gillespie and assisted by Tim Merkas, on their stellar week – and to all the organisation’s supporters, family and friends who made this possible.

Queensland will now look towards the 2018 APFA Club Championships, again to be held in Sydney, before hosting their first National Championships in Brisbane in October. The three-peat is alive!

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